Feels like you’re living in a box that’s smaller than your body.

The inability to make eye contact

The hunched shoulders

The voice, almost too small to hear,

You’d think, the beginning of stepping into authenticity

Feels like a wave of relief, and often it does.

Yet, so often it feels 

Like ripping off your own skin

And stepping out into the world

Completely naked, unprotected

Like a turtle without a shell.

Yet what is the cost

Of remaining in that box

That shell where you can hardly breathe? 

You have every right to stay there 

It certainly feels safe

Though it often proves to be the opposite.

Because eventually,

The box obliterates

All meaning




Because the box of suppression, 

Of hiding in order to fit in,

Or to not attract uncomfortable attention,

Or to make sure you don’t get hurt,

By definition,

Eliminates all vulnerability

All that uncomfortable stuff

So you’re left with numbness.

This is our choice in life.

Yet, be gentle with yourself please

If your box feels like a cage of steel

Compared to another’s fragile eggshell.

Be so understanding.

Everyone’s suppression is manufactured uniquely

And your authenticity is yours to claim

In your own divine timing.

If you’re ready to love yourself without restriction, and begin to shed your cage of suppression, I’d love to be your guide. Please head to my coaching offerings page to learn more.

Hi, I’m Taylor! I’m an intuitive life coach, and I hold space for you to cultivate unrestricted self love, an all-inclusive form of self-love which provides compassion to both the dark and the light inside of you.In that, I guide you through learning how to feel your feelings rather than running from them, so that you can live a more grounded and self-loving life.


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