You’re a literal awe-inspiring force of nature. Did you know that? 

I KNOW: sounds totally cutesy, right?

I hear you. Hear me out, though… I really don’t even mean this in a cute, metaphoric way.

You literally ARE made of something as incredible as all of the stars and galaxies and nebulas and supernovas all put together.

I know what you may be thinking…

Sure, Taylor, that shit may be easy for YOU to say, but I just don’t see myself that way. I’ve learned to diminish my light so much that I don’t really believe that it’s there. I’ve become whatever people want me to become so that I don’t get hurt. 

I know you may be thinking:  that’s easy for YOU to say, but I don’t even know what confidence is. I don’t think you really understand.

I hear you; I often think the exact same thing when I read content like this.

But again, hear me out.

I know what it’s like…

  • To be dependent on everybody’s approval to feel okay and good.
  • To believe that the only thing I’m worth is my social approval, achievements, talents, or possessions.
  • To feel unable to find any direction in my life, because I’m so afraid of choosing the “wrong” direction.

I know. And PLEASE read this SLOWLY:

This is NOT a story of, “I started from the bottom, and now I’m 1000% confident, 1000% of the time, and I’m here to teach you how I did it.”

That’s NOT what we do here.

To be honest: every struggle I just listed above still lives within me, although they’re much quieter than they used to be.

HOWEVER, and this is very important:

I can see, experience, and live from my unchangeable core worthiness now, whereas five years ago, I could not. 

And why don’t we all recognize our unchangeable core worth? Because we’ve been shielded from it. Because we’ve learned that to constantly criticize our every move is just how we “should” live. We think that to recognize that we are something magnificent is to become conceited…. But it’s not conceit when you recognize that EVERYone is made of that same magnificent stuff as you. 

The holy-shit level THING that you are, at your core, is just as incredible as the sight of the milky way galaxy, in the night sky in the middle of the desert. You are a tiny piece of that– a tiny fragment of the whole Universe and every bit as breathtaking. Let that sink in.

Because when you realize that, you’ll realize how fruitless it is to criticize yourself. 

Let’s go there together.

Who am I?

 I’m Taylor, and I believe that feeling worthy of love is a basic human right.

Since a depressive episode back in 2012 (at the age of 17) initiated me into the depths and the peaks of self-love work, I’ve been on this winding inner journey. I’m of course no longer depressed; now, I’m here to share with you all that I know to be true. I used to think that, in order to coach people, I had to be “fixed” and completely mentally and emotionally perfect. Now, I know that perfection is a myth.

Poor self-image, debilitating social anxiety, and occasional depression have dragged me to the void and back, and yet, over the past eight or so years, I’ve returned with one truth:

We are all divine, worthy, and lovable, BY DEFAULT.

What are my qualifications?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a Life Coaching Certification from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

There’s a part of you that knows how bright and brilliant you really are.

And how would you live if you knew?


Knew that you had nothing to prove or to chase.

Knew that your heart deserves all of the love in the Universe… even when you’re not giving, working, or accomplishing.

Here’s the thing: I want you to see your own infinite worthiness and beauty… Just the same way that I see mine.

Seeing your infinite beauty means witnessing all that is NOT you: the societal, conditioned bullshit.

The “doesn’t quite fit in”. The “not skilled enough/doesn’t make enough money/not productive enough/not prestigious enough to deserve respect” BS. the “doesn’t quite match society’s ever-changing and ridiculous beauty standards”. 

I want you to see how extra all of that BS really is. To hold it up to the light, and see what’s fake and what’s real.

The REAL truth is that you have unchanging, universal, infinite worth. Do you want to see that? Do you want to cut the bullshit of killing your soul in order to “measure up”?

I want you…

  • To feel the universal thread of love that created you, that is a part of you, and that you will return to when your life ends. 
  • To see that you’re worth so much more than constant self-criticism.
  • To remember exactly who you are (ps: who you are is ridiculously miraculous, even when you’re not doing or accomplishing ANYTHING.)

Because who you are is so much bigger than this body.

What people are saying:


“When I first connected with Taylor, I felt out of touch with myself. I was constantly distracted and desperately trying to find comfort and grounding during interaction with my peers. I valued others’ opinions over my own. While talking to Taylor, I felt comfortable being open and honest; she allowed me to explore my thoughts truthfully and without outside influence. Thoughts came freely and I started to surprise myself with ideas and ways of thinking that weren’t apparent to me before. Since my coaching series with Taylor I’ve felt a calmness. A slowing down. I’ve gained introspection and freedom with my thoughts and wants, I feel less pressure to perform, and I’ve a gained release to be the best imperfect human I want to be.”

Erin L.


“At the beginning of my coaching series with Taylor, I was still a freshly made mama and was really struggling to feel good about myself in friendships because I was just overthinking everything. I didn’t think I was doing my best as a mom. I wanted to change my thinking around that.  I was nervous, but after talking with Taylor for the first time, I loved her immediately, and I knew that this was what I needed! Now, I am more confident in myself! I feel stronger about my role as a mother and feel better about friendships. I’m so glad I did this! I am so happy that Taylor was able to help me!”

Sydney T.

Mom and College Student

“I really enjoyed this experience of working with Taylor. When we first started, I felt all over the place and was unsure what my purpose was and how I wanted to show up in the world. After my first session with Taylor, I felt comfortable and excited to work with her. I began to make small accomplishments of researching ways in which I wanted to help others; this led to bigger accomplishments such as beginning to put my creative voice out into the world. Overall, it was a great experience and a beautiful process!”

Kerri L.

Disaster Recovery Professional

My offerings

ALIVE 1:1 Immersions : 1-12 sessions

A blend of meditation, conscious breathing, and intuitive coaching that I’m positive will absolutely soothe your heart


  • Anywhere between five and 30 minutes of nervous system relaxation, via meditation and conscious breathing, to assist you in quieting the judgmental mind and hearing the unconditionally loving higher self
  • After the meditation: This is where the session can vary from person to person, because it all depends on what YOU need.

    However, the coaching time after the meditation CAN look like…

    • Talking through any self-doubt, self-judging thoughts, and so on, that  may arise for you
    • Working to discern what your higher self’s guidance sounds like, as opposed to what your mental chatter sounds like
    • Processing any emotions that may come up
    • Gaining clarity on your higher self’s true desires
    • Celebrating every little win… Your new heart-centered awareness, your greater sense of love and forgiveness for yourself, your increased feeling of everyday joy, and so on


  • 60-90 minutes of support via Zoom per session, every two weeks (note: I coach with cameras off! I find that this helps you and I access our heart space more easily, and worry less about what we look like.)
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions


Your investment:

1 session: $99 

3 sessions: $255 ($85/session)

6 sessions: $450 ($75/session)

12 sessions: $720 ($60/session)

By the way: your Discovery Call is free. If you decide this isn’t for you after the call, there’s no obligation to book a session!

This work is for you if:

You’re ready to feel at ease with exactly who you are, rather than trying to become someone else.

You want to live life centered in your heart, which LOVES YOU, rather than living from a hyper-critical mind which beats you up at every turn.

You’re ready to lean into the knowledge that what you are, deep down, is something as awe-inspiring as the universe itself.


This is NOT for you if:

You struggle with deep-seated mental health issues which are not yet well managed

You don’t want to dive deep and would rather stay surface-level

You aren’t into all this spiritual stuff

Is your heart telling you “yes”? 

If this investment feels exciting, gentle, and right for you, honor your inner wisdom by booking a (totally free) call here.

Have questions? Please feel free to send me an email! I’d love to hear from you.

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