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Every Time You Speak, You Make Waves.

Thumbnail: Karl Muscat

Every favorite moment

Everything your mind carved into diamonds

To display on the shelf of your memory

Every symphony

Every sunset

Every sound of laughter

Every moment that you looked into their eyes

Every time your joy made you cry

All the people

All the places

All the times that made you sing 

Crystallized lyrics in your heart 

Piece them together like a puzzle

Every sacred thing

This is your imprint;

This is what you give the world.

Maybe even your purpose… If you will. 

Do you know 

The very imprints that you leave

On others’ lives?

Do you let yourself realize

That you’ve made somebody smile

More times than you can count?

Do you see what you mean

To all those you see?

Do you see how you matter?

You are a light 

To someone, a beacon in the darkness

It’s so likely you’ve touched 

So many souls

Even if you never were 

Anything near fame

Even if you only had

One friend, even just one sister, one brother, 

I see you

You are a light. 

I don’t care all that much what your job title is or how much you make. 


Most of us want to leave our mark in some way– what we don’t realize is that we already are. 

Even if you think you’re not doing “enough” with your life, even if you think that whatever you’re doing is “wrong”. Even if you feel as if your life has no meaning. These markers for “meaning” in your life– the titles and the income– are BS. They’re BS because we act like that’s the ONLY thing that matters, and that is such a lie.

Here’s a five-second exercise you can do to get a grasp on what your “imprint” is at this moment:

If you died this very second, what stories would people tell at your funeral?

For some of us, it’s so easy to say– “They wouldn’t have much to talk about.” “They’d probably talk crap.” “I didn’t do anything exciting enough to talk about.” etc… 

But here’s what I know to be true (& I know if someone close to you has died, you know this, too). 

What they’d talk about is ALL the LITTLE THINGS.

I’m talking about… The way you always told everybody to be careful when they went out driving in the rain. The way you made sure to come to that one graduation or game or performance that was really important to someone. The way you loved dogs. The way you made them dinner. The way you saved those memes that they’d laugh at.

I’m talking about the tiny little things. The way you walked down the stairs. The way you cleared your throat. The sound of your laugh and the kinds of things you laughed at. The way you always bought that one type of wine at the store, and now, every time your sister sees it, she’ll smile. I’m talking about the way you lived. The things you said under your breath while you were driving. The way you reacted to the birthday presents they bought. 

I’m talking about the way that they felt when they sat in the same room with you, even when you didn’t even speak. Even when you were mad at each other.

I’m talking about your presence. 

Do you realize that every time you speak, you make waves? 

Has it crossed your mind that people DO remember the things you say, that people truly feel your presence even when you’re doing nothing? 

Has it crossed your mind that your purpose isn’t just a job title? 

Has it crossed your mind that your purpose is being YOU? 

Do you see what you mean to the world? 

This is what your life means. This is what you mean to other people. This is what it means to be loved.

It’s not about how much money you make. It’s not about how pretty you are. It’s not about how perfect you are, how popular you are, how funny you are, how many likes your posts get. 

You. Your presence. Your existence. It is all enough.

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