Leave your ideas of “too emotional”, “too sensitive”, “weak” or “flawed” at the door.

You can feel whatever you want to feel here.

I welcome your whole, imperfect self.

When you experience strong emotion, what do you do?

Over the course of your life, you likely learned to “suck it up”, “get over it”, or even “look on the bright side”. As humans we’ve learned to fear, suppress, or hate any negative emotion. 

If you’re like me, you’re tired of squashing down the ebb & flow of joy, sadness, anger, fear, and peace that comes so naturally to you.


What if…

We comforted our feelings instead of running from them?

What if we held ourselves in our tears and in our anger?

What if we recognized sensitivity as a blessing, even as a leadership quality?

What if we never again mistaked our emotions for “weakness”?

The world needs you, feelings and all.

Deep-feeling people. Big-hearted people. Empathic, sensitive, and “overly emotional” people. 

We’re the ones who will heal the planet. And we must learn to command our deep feelings with love, not with suppression.  

About Me

I’m Taylor. I’m a highly sensitive empath and I feel EVERYTHING. 

I went along with the flawed idea that “my emotions make me weak” for too long.

But then I looked around at the planet. I finally acknowledged the grief I’d felt since before I could talk. It wasn’t a burden. What was it?

That grief which we empaths so often feel… That longing to make all of the suffering in the world go away… Is a symptom of a planet that needs deep healing.  And we cannot heal what we don’t feel. 

 I’m here to help you feel all of your beautiful emotions and use them to your advantage, rather than running from them and therefore allowing them to control you.

So, will you honor yourself? Will you own your gift of sensitivity?

Or will you let the old paradigm continue to tell you that your emotions are meaningless? Will you continue to stuff down your feelings every time they arise? Will you continue to hide?

Ready to let ALL of your beautiful complexity take up space?

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